Golden Lantern

CRM/tracking system

Golden Lantern's platform is able to generate agreements/IOs, manage your clients, keep track of inventory and allows for legal review. Our CRM system is used as a central hub for clients to organize and track campaigns in real time.


Golden Lantern is able to improve user’s email marketing campaigns efficiently. Users have the ability to schedule campaigns in a simple calendar format. Golden Lantern’s scheduling system keeps track of a client’s CPM and CPA inventory. Clients have the ability to schedule out your entire week in less than an hour.

In-house Sales team

Golden Lantern offers a CPM inventory allocation program where we will buy CPM units from our customer's inventory.

Accounting Integration

Golden Lantern’s tracking system has the ability to generate revenue by ISP and ESP. Users have the ability to run reports based on daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Golden Lantern

Mailing Platform

Golden Latern is capable of sending several million emails per hour and is able to use 65,500 concurrent threads maximizing your server.

Data and List Management

Golden Lantern allows its customers to manage their own data based on various demographics. Golden Lantern also provides the user with data cleaning services.

Campaign Management

Golden Lantern masks the user's links automatically, while monitoring your tracking and unsubscribe links. The mailing system tracks opens, clicks, conversions and best asset combinations.

Web Hosting

Golden Lantern allows users to set up their own web servers to view the images and email quality.

Network Integration

Golden Lantern’s advanced API integration feature allows users to import their network accounts in the system. This allows the user to track opens, clicks and conversions in real time.

ESP/Relay Mailing Campaigns

Golden Lantern connects to user's ESP accounts and Relay mailing, acting as a front-end system. This allows email marketers to effortlessly and freely manage their email marketing campaigns.

Golden Lantern

Dedicated Server: $2799/month

24/7 Technical Support

Golden Lantern has a team of delivery specialist that work around the clock to help with your mailing needs. Golden Lantern enables different traffic strategies including, and not limited to, user activity per category, vertical and interests.

We also have a full-time development and support team on staff and are able to make changes to the software for the client with a quick turn around.